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Communities are a key element to how well people respond to disasters.  Having a prepared community around you will help you be able to better respond to a disaster and recover faster. Take a role in your community and lead how they respond.  

Houston CERT

Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

The CERT training program is designed to fit into community members' ordinary schedules. The training is divided up into eight three-hour modules. During that time, trainees will have classes on the National CERT program, the organizational structure used by government agencies in disasters, basic first aid techniques, basic search and rescue techniques, and ways to ensure that the individual trainee and his or her family members are prepared for a disaster. Classes are taught by local professionals who have experience in the units they instruct. The courses are managed by a lead instructor who has undergone a Train-the-Trainer program which meets the FEMA and CERT standards. All CERT training is provided free-of-charge. Visit for details.

Neighborhood Ready

Neighborhood Ready

The Ready Houston program offers a 90-minute training class called "Neighborhood Ready," which is facilitated by a member of your community. The course covers topics such as determining if you and your neighbors are ready, understanding what disasters could affect your neighborhood, making a plan, building a kit, knowing your neighbors, and staying informed. Visit for information.

Funded by a Grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security