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DATE: December 1, 2016 5:04:19 PM CST

The Office of Emergency Management produces various plans and public information to help City residents be aware of, and prepared for the hazards that can affect them.

Houston's Emergency Plan

The City of Houston Emergency Management Plan with annexes that deal with specific types of emergency situations and essential government functions

Disaster Supply Kit (PDF)

This fact sheet gives you a basic  rundown of what should be in your Family's Emergency Kit.

Pre-Evacuation Checklist (PDF)

What should you do prior to evacuating your home?  What should you take with you?  This one-page PDF give you an idea as to what you should do prior to evacuating for a hurricane.

Preparing for a Hurricane (PDF)

Houston is all-too-familiar with Hurricanes.  Make sure you and your family is prepared by downloading this fact sheet which details the three steps you can take to weather the storm.

Fuels: Storing & Transporting (PDF)

The Houston Fire Department wants to make sure that you handle fuels safely, this quick sheet provides you with some tips on safely storing and transporting fuels.

Sheltering in Place

Sometimes its safer to stay in where you are.  This guide tells you how to effectively shelter in place when it is necessary, and what you can do to ensure that you are safely sheltered.

Disaster Preparedness Guide

Disaster Preparedness Guide

This guide helps Houstonians prepare for whatever type of emergency that may occur.  Updated for thi Hurricane Season, the guide is available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, French, and Italian.

Funded by a Grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security